Auraloop®, the pad combining comfort and sustainability

Recyclable cushioning
Reduced carbon footprint
Improved breathability
Circular economy

Key features

An environmental friendly seat pad


A sustainable & innovative solution

Auraloop® is a brand-new range of cushioning solutions made from an innovative structure of Polyester-based fibers, 100% recyclable, aimed at the mobility markets.


Comfort above all else

Our solution offers an increased level of performance in terms of thermal comfort and durability. It enables a better passive or active thermal regulation of all occupants.

A next-generation solution for car seats

Auraloop® intends to replace polyurethane foam currently used in car seats. Our teams have been jointly developing Auraloop® with Indorama Ventures, a global leader in polyethylene terephthalate (PET).

Alternative material to PU foam

Crafted from polyester-based fibers, our eco-friendly material not only provides superior comfort but offers a greener choice for automotive interiors. Say goodbye to PU foam and embrace a more sustainable and comfortable car seat.

100% recyclable

One of the main advantages of polyester-based fibers is that they are completely recyclable. With Auraloop® we are making another step towards sustainibility in the automotive industry.

Less foam, less pollution

One of the objectives of Auraloop® is a twofold reduction in the carbon footprint of car seat pads, currently made from polyurethane foam.

Indorama Ventures and FORVIA partnership

In the mobility sector, Indorama Ventures is already a market leader in yarns and fabrics for tires and airbags. With Auraloop®, its offer expands, not only serving the new dynamic market of car seat with a component of improved performance and comfort, but also taking into account the concept of sustainability.

A product definitely more sustainable

of CO₂ emissions reduction

Green Revolution: Auraloop’s sustainable polyester-based fibers for car seating

Nicolas Michot
Global Complete Seat Product Line Director at Faurecia Seating

“Auraloop® will replace those materials currently used in car seating with innovative and sustainable materials, based on polyester fibers, that offer a total recyclability of 100%. This new material will allow for a twofold reduction in the carbon footprint of car seat pad solutions compared to current materials.”

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