Premium and eco-friendly automotive seating material

Alternative to animal leather
Lower CO₂ emissions
Premium quality and aesthetics appeal

Product features

Low carbon footprint alternatives to animal leather


An eco-friendly alternative

Innovating for sustainable materials with significantly reduced carbon footprint, Ecorium is an alternative to animal leather.


Sustainable and premium

High-end touch and feel offer great premium quality and aesthetic appeal.

Choose Ecorium, choose sustainability

With the use of Ecorium in vehicles hitting the road in 2024, FORVIA is leading the way in the use of recycled and bio-derived materials in cars.

Lower CO₂ emissions

Ecorium, which includes recycled polyethylene terephthalate (PET), and hemp, allows for 90% reductions in CO₂ emissions compared to animal leather

Premium quality

Experience exceptional premium quality and aesthetic allure through the luxurious touch and feel.
Sustainability in its core conception

Proofs by figures

C0₂ emissions reduction compared to animal leather
of natural (incl. bio-attributed) and recycled content
recycled PET
(up to) CO₂ emission reduction (including biogenic carbon) compared to conventional synthetic alternatives
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