Contributing to society

We put people – our employees, customers, stakeholders and communities – at the center of our activity. After all, mobility is not just about how we move, but how we live. Our greatest asset is our teams, whose excellence and diversity gives FORVIA its edge as a global technology leader.

Our vision

FORVIA’s core businesses are undergoing a rapid transformation. The Group strives to ensure its staff remain employable throughout their working lives via learning, professional mobility and on-the-job training. This is the best way to guarantee that everyone can reap the benefits of technological advances, innovation and changing work practices, whilst being prepared for change and challenges.

A commitment to talent management
FORVIA’s HR strategy and best practices are aimed at attracting and retaining talents to meet business needs and foster their growth.

Our approach


Training to support the Group’s strategic orientations

Joining FORVIA means diving into a transforming industry and a fast-changing environment. We foster continuous skills development for our employees, FORVIA’s training offer is aimed at all employees across all levels of responsibility.

FORVIA University is made of five campuses that deliver key training in leadership and functional areas, including new skills such as international relations and sustainability. This is complemented by the online Learning Lab, which has reached 400,000 hours of training.

Managing talents

FORVIA’s talent management policy supports employees in their career development. From the time of hiring, employees are offered professional opportunities including mobility options and promotions.

The Group uses international volunteer programs as a key driver for its graduate recruitment aims. It also offers all new hires a personal induction program to learn about its values, its strategy, its organization, its culture and its operational systems. FORVIA conducts annual assessments to ensure that its package remains competitive compared to local markets.

Our vision

Diversity is one of FORVIA’s strengths. It is a source of motivation for employees, it has positive impact on FORVIA’s performance and it is a fundamental driver of our transformation, as a more diverse and inclusive workforce  gives us a richer understanding of our environment and acts as a key catalyst for innovation. FORVIA promotes diversity as an asset, acts for inclusion and fights against all forms of discrimination.

Diversity is a multi-dimensional concept that includes a persons origin, religion, gender, disability status, sexual orientation, training experience, or any other difference. It is already part of FORVIA’s culture and identity: employees spanning 140 nationalities and backgrounds have been central to the companys success. The Group is committed to create an inclusive culture in which all forms of diversity are seen as a genuine source of value and that provides equal opportunities for all, based on performance and potential. 

Our approach


Promoting gender diversity

FORVIA has been a signatory of the UN’s Women’s Empowerment Principles since 2020, and the compensation of the Group’s top 300* managers is linked to the achievement of gender diversity targets.

Our active policy to promote gender diversity globally encompasses the systematic and rigorous roll-out of our Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) initiatives throughout the Group, which has intensified over the years.

These include training to support female leadership and foster an inclusive culture, the development of targeted recruitment, coaching and mentoring programs – featuring our RISE program specifically designed to accelerate the representation of women in our leadership team – and the highlighting of women’s careers in our communications.

Our robust internal network of 60 ambassadors, located in 20 countries, plays a pivotal role in bringing D&I to life locally through initiatives tailored to specific contexts and through the sharing of experiences.

In 2023, with 31% of women managers and skilled professionals and 27% in the top 300 positions, the Group achieved its gender diversity objectives two years ahead of schedule – an exciting milestone resulting from several years of commitment, and a significant step in our collective dedication to fostering a truly diverse workplace.

Promoting local employment

FORVIA promotes local jobs for management positions to better understand specific cultural contexts and thus strengthen its performance. The Group also strives to have a positive impact on the economic development of the regions where it operates, by employing and developing local talents around the world.

Our vision

FORVIA is a member of the community in each region where it operates worldwide. The Group contributes to local economic development and creating local social value. It has a responsibility to maintain a frank, ongoing dialogue with the communities near to its sites to ensure that its operations are harmoniously integrated in each region.

The Group aims to strengthen its commitment to local communities by initiating or contributing to projects and programs that address local needs, and by offering its expertise and resources in support of these actions. The Group’s societal engagement is based on local economic development and local solidarity actions initiated by employees and the FORVIA Foundation.

The FORVIA Corporate Foundation
Launched in 2020, the FORVIA Foundation invests significant resources to support projects in countries where the Group operates. These actions are centered on three pillars: mobility, the environment and education.