Our mission

Our mission is to pioneer technology for mobility experiences that matter to people. That’s because we believe mobility is at the heart of people’s lives and what matters to them: moving freely and caring for the planet, in their own way.

At FORVIA, we believe that mobility is at the heart of people’s lives and what matters to them: moving freely while caring for the planet, in their own way.

Our mission is to pioneer technology for mobility experiences that matter to people. United around a common passion, we leverage the full diversity and expertise of our talents to offer mobility solutions designed for people.

Technology-driven, we offer a unique and comprehensive portfolio for advanced and customized mobility experiences.

Work at FORVIA

We care for the planet and shape everything we do through the lens of sustainability

to meet the challenges of future generations. We push the boundaries to be a change-maker and open new perspectives.

Team in Seating plant China

We work on challenges that matter

We welcome energetic and agile people who can thrive in a fast-changing environment. People who share our strong values. Team players with a collaborative mindset and a passion to deliver on high standards for our clients. Lifelong learners. High performers. Globally minded people who aspire to work in a transforming industry, where excellence, speed, and quality count.

FORVIA plant

We believe people matter

You want to be part of a people-centric company that recognizes performance, values diversity and offers a supportive and inclusive working environment. You are looking to learn, grow, and develop your potential with a global technology leader.

women among managers and skilled professionals by 2030

Join the Operations team

Our Operations teams are responsible for the manufacturing of our products at our industrial sites. Quality, safety, manufacturing, development, industrial performance, management... A wide range of exciting and challenging jobs await you in our plants.


Andreia Milheiro, Plant Manager, Clean Mobility

"I gain energy with new challenges and I constantly defy to better support as a professional and as a person."


Bartosz Jozwik, FORVIA Plant Manager

"Today, I'm managing the plant, and it's an extremely exciting challenge every day."

Join the R&D team

Be at the forefront of innovation in a fast-changing industry! Our R&D teams are developing products, materials and solutions for the vehicles of the future. We bring together a wide range of expertise to take innovation one step further, with a shared vision for a sustainable future.

Lan Yang

Lan Yang, R&D Director, Seating

"We always focus on promoting innovation that matters. We are constantly exploring new technologies and designs to meet our customer's satisfaction."


Leon Hermes, Hardware engineer

"In our hardware development team, we have a great team spirit. We are always supporting each other and we are always striving to solve our problems all together"

Explore other opportunities

Sales, programs, finance, purchasing, data, digitalization, support functions... FORVIA offers a wide range of career opportunities! Take up the challenges of a fast-changing industry as part of passionate and driven teams.


Alexis Doetsch, Deputy Division Controller, Seating

"It's all about the agility and speed required by my job and adapting to the automotive industry each day."


Erika Ramirez, Division talent development manager

"I love to learn new processes, improve the existing ones, and get to learn from the different professionals"