Our approach

At FORVIA, we frame everything through the lens of sustainability. Standing on three solid pillars (Planet, Business, People) and a strong governance structure, our sustainability roadmap is helping us accelerate towards a net-zero future – one that reconciles protecting the planet with improvements to mobility, well-being and development.
Reaching CO₂ net zero by 2045
Group intends to become carbon neutral in scopes 1 and 2 by 2025. We then aim to cut scope 3 emissions by 45% through 2030, reaching net zero across the value chain in 2045.
FORVIA speeding up on sustainability

Taking a holistic approach to the environment

Through a holistic approach to reducing carbon emissions and minimizing environmental impact, FORVIA is accelerating the transition to sustainable mobility. As automakers strive to create more sustainable vehicles, FORVIA aims to be a driving force, focusing not only on decarbonization but also on initiatives to preserve biodiversity, reduce water and natural resource consumption, and adapt to the effects of climate change.

Social Responsibility

Bringing a positive contribution to society

At FORVIA, we seek to promote diversity and inclusion at every level, driven by the conviction that they represent one of our core strengths. Everywhere in the world, the Group is a part of the communities in which it operates contributing to local economic development and creating social value. A key lever to address local needs and make a positive impact is the FORVIA Foundation.

Sustainability, at the heart of everything we do

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Robust structures for true sustainability

At FORVIA, our sustainability approach is predicated on robust, committed governance. Sustainability forms an integral part of all decision-making processes: holistic risk management – including climate-based scenarios – is used to assess decisions and ensure resilience, while sustainability-linked remuneration criteria ensure coherence in how our executives approach environmental, social, and governance issues.

Our corporate ethics

At FORVIA, we are conducting business in a responsible way and complying to the highest ethical standards. In addition to anchoring a culture of integrity, safety, and vigilance everywhere we operate, we’re contributing to a responsible supply chain via our Code of Conduct and ensuring that the fundamental rights of people and the planet are respected through our Duty of Care plan.

Our ESG objectives

of our CO₂ emissions on scopes 1 and 2 by 2025
of our controlled CO₂ emissions on scope 3 by 2030
of women managers and skilled professionals by 2030

Our sustainability ratings

Supplier Engagement Leader – scale A to D
Negligible risk
No. 9 in the automotive parts sector
Scale AAA to CCC
Top 3% in our category
Listed in the index series

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