Three strategic pillars

The only constant is change – and in mobility, the pace of change is accelerating. FORVIA’s strategy is to embrace, drive and grow with this transformation. With game-changing shifts toward electrification and connected mobility, the automotive industry must unlock the potential of two key market trends: digitalization and sustainability.

Electrification and energy management


FORVIA is supporting automotive manufacturers as they reduce fleet emissions, comply with air-quality regulations, and shift from ultra-low to zero emissions. There is no universal one-size-fits-all technology solution: considering the variety of user requirements for vehicles, regional regulations, automakers’ roadmaps, and the uncertainty surrounding raw material supply for batteries, tomorrow’s mobility environment will be characterized by a mix of powertrain technologies.

Electrification & energy management

To meet these diverse needs, FORVIA offers a range of solutions: ultra-low emissions technology for depolluting 22 million internal combustion engine passenger and light commercial vehicles; a growing portfolio of technologies to optimize the performance, range and efficiency of battery electric vehicles; storage and distribution systems; and fuel cell stacks through our joint venture Symbio for zero-emission hydrogen. In strategic terms, this broad product portfolio ensures the relevance of our offer across all powertrains.

Safe and automated driving


With our industry-leading expertise in lighting, sensors, perception software and actuation, FORVIA provides solutions both inside and outside the vehicle. These are already playing a vital role in making the driving environment safer for all road users.


Our innovations include radar and camera solutions, best-in-class sensors, intelligent lighting, interior monitoring, eMirrors, and by-wire technology, replacing mechanical systems and paving the way to automated driving. With our focus on safety-critical solutions, we are helping to build public trust in tomorrow’s automated and autonomous mobility modes.

Digital and sustainable cockpit experiences


One of FORVIA’s core principles is to frame everything through the lens of sustainability; another is to see everything from the point of view of end users. In our approach to digital and sustainable cockpit experiences, we bring these two imperatives together, offering solutions that improve comfort and usability while reducing environmental impacts. We develop modular seats and interiors for maximum flexibility, upgradability and sustainability.


Our new materials, such as bio-based and recycled compounds, foils and fibers, reduce resource consumption. Combined with lightweight architecture and energy-optimized electronics, they enable significantly lower CO₂ emissions. We also offer functions that reduce drivers’ cognitive load, allowing them to access menu items while keeping their eyes on the road.