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Scope 3: FORVIA speeds up

At its second Sustainability Day, held in Paris (France) on March 21, 2024, FORVIA detailed its roadmap to carbon neutrality and its technological solutions for sustainable mobility. In a transparent approach to its stakeholders, the Group presented for the first time its objectives for the entire lifecycle of its products, scope 3.


FORVIA, a pioneer in the decarbonization of the automotive industry

Since 2019, the Group has been committed to a decarbonization trajectory by 2045, with two significant intermediate milestones in 2025 and 2030. In June 2022, this roadmap to carbon neutrality was validated by the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi), making FORVIA the first group in the automotive sector to obtain this certification. It includes :

  • Short-term objectives: FORVIA is committed to achieving carbon neutrality on scopes 1 and 2 by 2025.
  • Medium-term objectives: FORVIA is committed to reducing its absolute Scope 3 GHG emissions by 45% by 2030.
  • Long-term objectives: FORVIA is committed to achieving zero net CO2 emissions across all scopes by 2045.

Teams committed to reducing indirect Scope 3 emissions 

FORVIA is well on the way to net zero emissions by 2045. This means redesigning our product architectures for greater modularity and recyclability, using fewer and lighter components, and developing a range of low-carbon materials. By way of illustration, MATERI'ACT - whose vocation is to accelerate the development, production and marketing of new materials with a low CO2 footprint - will propose new plastics with a recycled content of around 70% by 2030 for new automotive programs.


Clear commitments

At its Sustainability Day 2024, FORVIA unveiled its objectives for addressing Scope 3, which accounts for 98% of the Group's emissions. By 2030, FORVIA aims to:

  • Electric vehicles: the volume of products sold dedicated to electric vehicles should exceed the market share of electric vehicles.
  • Energy savings: 40% energy savings target for electrical components.
  • Transport: 20% reduction in transport-related carbon emissions.
  • Transition to eco-responsible materials: Reduce the environmental impact of products by 40 to 70% by promoting the use of materials with low carbon footprints.
  • More recycled content: Target of over 30% recycled content in its products. 
  • Weight reduction: Reduce the weight of all our products by 17%.
  • Recyclability: FORVIA products should be 70% recyclable.

Patrick Koller, CEO of FORVIA, stated: “Climate change is the greatest emergency facing us. It urgently demands strong and ambitious commitments from all players in the automotive industry to reduce its impact, as road transport currently accounts for 16% of CO2 emissions worldwide. At FORVIA, we are driven to act by a deep-seated conviction. Scope 3 accounts for 98% of our total emissions. That's why we've taken the lead in setting a target of a 45% reduction in our Scope 3 CO2 emissions by 2030. That's tomorrow, and it requires action today, which is why this second Sustainability Day is an opportunity to get our stakeholders on board, as the fight against climate change calls for a collective response.”



Recognized ESG practices

FORVIA's ESG policy has received multiple recognitions from leading rating organizations to date:

  • Sustainalytics: '11.3' ESG Risk Score - Low Risk (2024) 
  • MSCI: ESG risk rating 'A' (following upgrade in July 2023) 
  • Moodys: 62/100 (mid-2023)
  • CDP: Climate Change 2024 ('A') and Water Security 2024 ('B') (2024)


Press release (ENG)

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