CES 2024

FORVIA at CES 2024 highlights

FORVIA was at CES 2024 from January 9 to 12 in Las Vegas.


FORVIA has showcased a large panel of products and solutions, including 4 award-winning technologies. Retrieve here some of the content and products that we have unveiled on our booth.


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Do not hesitate to watch the replay of our latest FORVIA Talks - Special CES:

FORVIA Talks - CES 2024 Special
FORVIA Talks - CES 2024 Special



Alternatively, you can also read our press kits to know more about our program presented at CES 2024.

FORVIA @CES 2024 - Press Kit ENG

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FORVIA @CES 2024 - Dossier de presse FR

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Day 1 : CES has begun ! Discover the FORVIA booth and our unique Horizons demo car

FORVIA at CES 2024
FORVIA booth at CES 2024
FORVIA at CES 2024
Frontside of Horizon demo car, with lighting innovations including Phygital Shield
FORVIA at CES 2024
Phygital Shield on the rearside of Horizon
FORVIA at CES 2024
Immersive AirVision display system
FORVIA at CES 2024
MATERI'ACT was created by FORVIA to develop unique cutting-edge materials with low CO2 footprint, including recycled and bio-based compounds for injection molding.
FORVIA at CES 2024
FORVIA team members presenting Horizon
FORVIA at CES 2024
The whole FORVIA team on the booth at CES 2024 !
FORVIA at CES 2024
Interiors and Seating innovations inside Horizon


3 FORVIA electrification & energy management solutions debuting at CES 2024 :

• Coolant Control Hub Max (CCHMAX)

• High Voltage PowerBox

• Advanced Hydrogen Storage System

Electrification & energy management solutions
Advanced Hydrogen Storage System


Day 2 : This year at CES, our Faurecia Aptoide Apps Market is showcased in a Mini Countryman on our booth!

This apps market features hundreds of apps and is customizable by automakers so that they can meets their clients’ demands and expectations, ensuring home-to-car continuity! 
By working hand-by-hand with apps developers, we create the next generation of in-car infotainment !

Faurecia Aptoide Apps Market
Faurecia Aptoide Apps Market


Day 3  : 3 key sustainable technologies showcased at CES 2024

All our technologies are now designed for scope 3.

This means using less and better materials that display ultra-low CO2 footprint.
And using them longer.
That’s why we design our future products considering their entire lifecycle: product eco-design, use of resources and raw materials, use phase, end of life and recycling.

This will allow us to reach our ambitious goal : by 2030, we should have reduced our Scope 3 emissions by 45%. 

These 3 technologies debuting here at CES were designed by our teams with this in mind!

FORVIA sustainable technologies @CES 2024
FORVIA CES sustainable materials


3 solutions paving the way for autonomous driving debuting at CES 2024:

• 77 gigahertz Gen 4 Radar

• Safe and perceptual experience

• Intelligent Sensing Seat

Paving the way for autonomous driving
Safe and perceptual experience



Day 4 : Patrick Koller interview @CES 2024

Patrick Koller, FORVIA's CEO, takes a look back at these 4 days full of exchanges

Watch as he shares his insights and takeaways, as well as feedbacks from customers

Patrick Koller interview @CES 2024
Patrick Koller interview @CES 2024


The end : CES 2024 highlights 

CES closed its doors last Saurday after a busy edition. A big thank you to the thousands of visitors who came to visit the FORVIA booth. As a farewell, explore below the highlights of this 2024 edition. 

FORVIA CES 2024 highlights
FORVIA CES 2024 highlights
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