FORVIA’s policy on government relations and advocacy

FORVIA’s publicly available policy on government relations and advocacy states our commitment to responsible lobbying and political engagement. The policy is established to ensure that FORVIA’s relations with governments and its advocacy activities are engaged ethically, with transparency and integrity, and in compliance with applicable laws and regulations. The policy applies globally across the FORVIA Group.

FORVIA engages with governments and other public stakeholders to support the company’s strategies, in particular: strengthening its industrial and technology centres; its commitment to sustainability and climate action, underpinned by its roadmap to reach net zero by 2045; research and innovation, and; the protection of fundamental human rights.


FORVIA’s strategy includes interacting with stakeholders including, policymakers and other public authorities in geographies where it operates. To this end, FORVIA takes into account impact studies of draft regulations or legislation on a range of issues including: the environment, actions addressing climate change; fiscal rules; social topics and others. FORVIA conveys its positions on proposed policy, regulation and legislation directly or through its trade associations to answer questions from public authorities or propose adjustments taking into account the interests of all FORVIA’s stakeholders. 


FORVIA’s Anti-Corruption Code of Conduct requires risk-based due diligence for intermediaries who are considered as carrying a high risk of corruption particularly in certain countries designated as high risk. Depending on the information obtained, FORVIA may decide not to initiate relations with certain intermediaries, including lobbyists. Training on the Anti-Corruption Code of Conduct is mandatory across the Group. As per FORVIA’s internal rules related to compliance third party management, any internal stakeholders must share all relevant information to implement the required preassessment.


FORVIA’s guidelines for engaging with governments and other public stakeholders adhere to the following principles:


Political Neutrality:

  • FORVIA does not fund political parties, provide spending contributions to political campaigns or actively involve itself political campaigns.


  • Accountability is mandated all the way to the FORVIA boardroom. Within the Executive Committee, Ms. Victoria Chanial is responsible for monitoring lobbying activities, but each employee is responsible for compliance. 
  • Manage relationships with trade associations to ensure their lobbying activities are aligned with FORVIA’s guiding principles for responsible political engagement.
  • Ensure only team members approved by the Public Affairs team are permitted to lobby which supports managing accountability and transparency through robust tracking of engagement.

Compliance with Laws and Regulations:

  • All lobbying activities must comply with applicable local, national and global regulations.
  • Such lobbying laws and regulations are regularly reviewed to ensure these guidelines are updated as needed.


  • Disclose all lobbying activities and expenditures in accordance with legal requirements (this includes the relevant lobbying and transparency registers i.e. the EU Transparency Register, HATVP in France)
  • Maintain accurate and detailed records of all interactions with government officials.

Avoiding conflicts of interest:

  • Employees engaged in lobbying activities must avoid conflicts of interest that could compromise the company or individual’s integrity.
  • Disclose any potential conflicts of interest promptly in accordance with FORVIA’s mandatory Conflict of Interest Policy.

Honesty and Accuracy:

  • Provide accurate and truthful information in all communications and exchanges with governments and public officials. 

Fair Competition:

  • Do not engage in lobbying or other activities that seek to undermine fair competition or harm competitors, customers, suppliers or employees unfairly.
  • Advocate for policies that promote healthy competition within the automotive industry.

Public Interest:

  • Consider the broader public interest in advocating for policies.
  • Strive to contribute to the overall well-being of society through responsible lobbying.

Gifts and Hospitality Policies:

  • Ensure that such offerings comply with legal and ethical standards including with FORVIA’s internal rules and processes.

Reporting and Training:

  • Establish a reporting mechanism for employees engaged in lobbying activities to report any concerns or potential violations.
  • Provide regular training to employees involved in engaging with governments to ensure awareness of ethical guidelines.
  • FORVIA regularly reviews and updates these guidelines to reflect changes in laws, regulations, and industry best practices.

Please visit our Business Ethics page on Faurecia's website to read our Code of Conduct for Prevention of Corruption

FORVIA’s policy on government relations and advocacy