Vision systems for safer roads

Vision systems for safer roads

Seeing, understanding and reacting to potential risks in the driving environment is critical to keeping road users safe. FORVIA provides the vision systems outside and inside the vehicle that ensure that drivers and automated driving functions are making the right decisions. Combining sensors through intelligent software, these detect and inform of any variability that may impact road safety.

Vision systems for safer roadsSurround view

We bring a dynamic 360° visualization of the surrounding environment through fusing data from an intelligent system of cameras and ultrasonic sensors positioned around the vehicle. This short to midrange vision system supports both automated driving and autonomous parking with a 3-D view from a range of different angles. FORVIA has been producing such systems for more than 15 years.


Interior monitoring

We offer different technologies to monitor the driver and other occupants, giving the flexibility to combine safety, comfort and well-being use cases cost-effectively in one solution. This draws on FORVIA’s expertise in integrating compact cameras and sensors into the best locations of the cabin interior.



FORVIA’s eMirror replaces exterior wing and rearview mirrors with sensors that bring the surrounding view to the driving display. Our system incorporates advanced image processing to enhance visibility in challenging light or weather conditions. Starting in 2023, FORVIA will be among the first to equip vehicles in China.



Our latest generation 77GHz corner radar uses innovative antenna technology to provide an increased field of view, extended distance recognition and greater precision in close proximity. HELLA has more than 20 years’ experience in radar development with over 50 million* radar sensors produced.


Environment sensors

Our multi-function rain/light sensor detects a range of humidity, light and temperature variables, while the SHAKE road condition sensor monitors road wetness and conditions. This data is used to activate driver alerts or adapt driving dynamics in real-time to the actual state of the road.

To achieve a 360° view of a constantly evolving context, you need the right combination of distance and near field sensing around a vehicle. FORVIA brings a wide portfolio of proven sensors, from radars to cameras, software for detection and image enhancement software, coupled with sensor fusion algorithms to provide a seamless environment perception. Our solutions enable the vehicle to continuously and precisely detect stationary objects or road boundaries and dynamically track moving elements such as pedestrians, bicycles or cars, supporting autonomous driving. Regulations are driving the introduction of new safety features such as driver monitoring and child presence detection. Our interior monitoring systems – based on camera, radar or ultrawide band technologies – aim to protect and safeguard everyone onboard and around the vehicle. This includes protecting drivers against drowsiness or distraction and detecting movement and breathing inside a stationary or locked vehicle in case of a child or pet left behind.


* Including Joint Venture Korea business with HKMC