Grow with us

Our industry is undergoing a period of rapid transformation and change.

To ensure we remain at the forefront of mobility, we cultivate a learning environment at FORVIA, dedicating tools and resources so every member of our team can develop and grow with us.


FORVIA University is an online and in-person learning program with five campuses around the world. Employees each enjoyed an average of more than 22 hours of training in 2022. All employees have access to our internal digital learning platform, the Learning Lab, which offers over 2,000 training courses in 23 languages.


Through these digital platforms, as well as in-person courses, we offer training in core areas of our business such as plant performance, new technology, managerial skills, value creation and entrepreneurialism, creativity, and intercultural management.


We also support individuals and teams in developing any other relevant skills that will help them to excel, as well as exploring professional interests and reaching their full potential. Our HR community promotes mentoring programs, coaching, individual development plans, and on-the-job training – all to augment the skills, performance, and growth of our colleagues.


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Grow with us