Connected services : safe, affordable, sustainable

Connected services : safe, affordable, sustainable

Digitalization of the onboard experience is booming in all types of vehicles. FORVIA brings its electronics and software know-how to enhance the quality, reliability and relevance of cockpit connected services.

Connected services: safe, affordable, sustainable
Faurecia Aptoide: 250+ automotiveready applications.

The vehicle display is a key enabler for safe, connected and immersive experiences, providing the visual interface for applications, from instrument cluster information and driving assistance to onboard entertainment. With expertise across the entire cockpit interior, FORVIA is developing solutions for many of today’s key automotive design challenges, notably

  • how to integrate high-definition visual displays but avoid cognitive overload,
  • achieving best quality visual performance with energy efficient components,
  • ensuring a more sustainable approach through keeping vehicles and onboard features up-to-date for longer.

A customized and connected offer

FORVIA is a leading cockpit services provider, providing a range of connected and upgradable solutions. The Faurecia Aptoide apps market offers 250+ automotive ready applications that can be customized into vehicle infotainment systems. By 2025, an estimated 17 million vehicles from seven different automakers will feature this onboard. FORVIA is also an aggregator of news, gaming and other new software-based solutions such as secure payment for pay-asyou-go services, cabin lighting enhancement or smart dimming to enhance the quality of display content. Bringing new content and services online faster helps to extend vehicle life by keeping infotainment systems up-to-date longer as well as bringing opportunities for new service monetization.



Displays that drive greater safety awareness
FORVIA’s immersive vehicle display supports new safety use cases.

Displays that drive greater safety awareness

FORVIA hardware, software and integration expertise comes together into solutions for new safety use cases. One example is our immersive vehicle display: it provides a more dynamic viewing experience the entire width of the vehicle through a seamless transition between high-definition LCD screens and LED panels. Dynamic lighting across this display can draw driver  attention to important safety information. Another safety feature is reactive dimming that automatically adjusts screen brightness to reduce distraction or highlight what a driver needs to see. FORVIA can bring added-value through a cross-product approach that links multiple onboard systems: displays, gazetracking technology, driver monitoring camera, exterior vision systems and image processing algorithms.



Sustainable thinking for energy-efficient solutions
Advanced image processing improves readability and reduces power consumption.

Sustainable thinking for energy-efficient solutions

Consumers expect the same exceptional visual performance from vehicle displays as from their smartphones, tablets or TVs. However, the driving environment has many safety relevant considerations and is often exposed to very bright or dark light conditions. FORVIA has developed advanced image processing to improve screen clarity, readability and power consumption on any type of display hardware. This approach brings a 30% better contrast ratio, with 20% energy saving compared to stateof-the-art local dimming algorithms. The solution provides automatic image processing depending on the ambient light environment for optimal visibility and can be customized to the perceived quality, technology and cost requirements of individual automakers.


+20% energy saving

+30% contrat ratio