A sustainable mobility technology leader

A sustainable mobility technology leader

FORVIA is an automotive technology group at the heart of smarter and more sustainable mobility.


An innovative automotive company at global scale

We bring together expertise in electronics, clean mobility, lighting, interiors, seating, and lifecycle solutions to drive change in the automotive industry.


With a history stretching back more than a century, we are the seventh-largest global automotive supplier, employing more than 157,000 people in more than 40 countries. You’ll find our technology in around one in every two vehicles produced anywhere in the world.


Innovative new technologies in the automotive industry

Our mission is to pioneer technology for mobility experiences that matter to people. That’s because we believe mobility is at the heart of people’s lives and what matters to them: moving freely and caring for the planet, in their own way.



As technological innovation and the need for sustainability transform the automotive industry, we are ideally positioned to deliver solutions that will enhance the lives of road-users everywhere.



FORVIA's presentation
FORVIA's presentation
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Global automotive supplier
1 in 2
vehicles worldwide equipped with FORVIA products