Modular and circular thinking by design

Modular and circular thinking by design

Future electric vehicles will have a longer life on the road. FORVIA is developing the solutions to make them more sustainable, versatile, upgradable and recyclable.

FORVIA is leading the way in a more sustainable and circular approach to key technologies for the automotive industry, inspired by three principles: use less, use better, use longer.


We rethink our products to reduce the carbon footprint of a vehicle maximizing its use and value. This involves eco-designing components to be easier to renew, replace or upgrade when they wear out, age or become out of date. By approaching product design with a circularity mindset, we’re able to extend the lifecycle of our products and the vehicles they equip. Equally, our products are now simpler to recycle when they do reach the end of their lives, allowing their materials to find a second or third life.


Modular seatingModular seating

Seating is one of the vehicle’s most complex cockpit elements. FORVIA is transforming this with a new modular seating approach for maximum flexibility, upgradability and sustainability. It reduces the number of components used from around 120 to 10 modules that can be assembled in a wide variety of configurations. Fewer parts means less complexity, less cost and less waste. Crucially, it also means seats can be repaired and upgraded throughout the vehicle’s lifecycle. Modules are made from biosourced, recyclable and recycled materials including green steel to reduce carbon footprint. They are designed to be easier to assemble and disassemble, so as to facilitate recycling at scale. They are produced in regional centers to allow car seats to be assembled as close as possible to the customer’s site.



Repair and reuse electronicsRepair and reuse electronics

FORVIA is active in the aftermarket through its Lifecycle Solutions business group. Services include repair and remanufacturing of vehicle parts, a portfolio of 35,000+ different spare parts for wholesalers, and diagnostic equipment and tools to enable car mechanics to extend the life of vehicles and get them back on the road quickly. HELLA Tech World – an online platform for independent workshops - now integrates Faurecia’s electronic repairs service across Europe for multiple products and brands from radios to navigation systems and complex electronic systems. Repairing and reinstalling components helps to significantly reduce CO2 footprint, avoid waste and extend lifetime product use.



Reconfiguring interiorsReconfiguring interiors

We’ve applied a similar approach to interiors components, designing with modularity front-of-mind to make it easier to reconfigure instrument panels, door panels and center consoles for better vehicle lifecycle management and customization. This brings three key advantages for automakers and consumers. Firstly, a common architecture to facilitate OEM car platforms management through modular design, such as a standard instrument panel structure. Next, the flexibility to customize or upgrade onboard features, like enhanced HMI controls or personalized lighting within FORVIA smart surfaces. Last but not least is a circular approach to refurbish or renew the appearance of materials or surfaces and ensure that parts that have been replaced can be recycled and materials reused.