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FORVIA joins forces with FAW JIEFANG and Air Liquide to accelerate liquid hydrogen for heavy mobility

FORVIA - FAW - Air Liquide
FORVIA, France's first and the world’s seventh-largest automotive technology supplier, FAW JIEFANG, a major Chinese truck manufacturer, and Air Liquide, a leader in gases and technologies, signed a Memorandum of Understanding to equip heavy-duty trucks with liquid hydrogen storage systems.

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FORVIA and Air Liquide signed a Joint Development Agreement in 2021 laying the groundwork for innovation in liquid hydrogen storage technology. This new collaboration with FAW JIEFANG will benefit from that foundation and marks a pivotal moment in industry joining forces to accelerate the development of liquid hydrogen for heavy-duty trucks in the promising Chinese market. 

Particularly well-suited for long-haul applications with intensive usage, liquid hydrogen storage for fuel cell vehicles can speed up the transition toward carbon neutrality. The amount of liquid hydrogen stored is double that of gaseous hydrogen giving heavy-duty trucks operating on liquid hydrogen twice the autonomy, a shorter refueling time and optimized payload. 


"The joint development agreement initiated two years ago between FORVIA and Air Liquide set the stage for groundbreaking innovations in cryogenic technology. Today, our new collaboration with FAW JIEFANG not only reflects the market demand but propels industry efforts forward, accelerating the deployment and impact of cryogenic solutions," declared Patrick Koller, CEO of FORVIA.


The synergy between FORVIA, FAW JIEFANG and Air Liquide ensures liquid hydrogen storage for mobility will benefit from a robust combination of technical innovation, market access, safety, and operational excellence. This sends an important signal underscoring the growing demand for liquid hydrogen technology for mobility in China.



China is the world’s largest hydrogen producer and has a strong market potential for different use cases, especially in the mobility sector. There is a clear momentum for hydrogen in China, backed by the Chinese government’s ambition to further develop hydrogen as a national strategy and a new energy option to power commercial vehicles. 

China offers excellent market opportunities which FORVIA and its partners are committed to respond to with cutting-edge hydrogen storage solutions.


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