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FORVIA's leadership in hydrogen storage earns new contract in North America

FORVIA, the 7th largest automotive technology supplier, has been awarded a contract from a major automotive manufacturer to supply Type IV hydrogen storage systems for medium-duty commercial trucks in the North American market, with start of production in 2025.

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“Today marks a significant milestone for FORVIA as we secure a major automotive contract in North America, solidifying our global leading position in hydrogen storage systems. With existing serial production in Europe, China and Korea, FORVIA now boasts an unrivaled global presence. This further demonstrates the trust placed in us by our customers.”

Patrick Koller

A worldwide leader in hydrogen storage systems

FORVIA and its strategic partners have ambitious plans to leverage hydrogen power as a sustainable energy to accelerate toward zero-emission solutions.

Beyond the strong growth registered in the first half of 2023, Hydrogen Solutions sales are expected to increase in 2024. FORVIA currently has serial production underway in state-of-the-art facilities in South Korea, China, and France (Allenjoie) and delivered over 10,000 hydrogen storage tanks in 2022. Additional locations are under evaluation in North America for R&D and to scale production for the North American market. 

FORVIA masters type IV & type III storage tanks

Type III and type IV tanks are both storage solutions made with a carbon fiber winding and designed to store hydrogen gas. A Type III tank is made with a metallic liner whereas a Type IV tank is made with a polymer liner. This difference results in two use cases.

Type IV tanks are well suited for applications requiring higher pressure and more intensive use, for example truck applications. The polymer liner provides higher durability while providing up to 15% greater driving autonomy, 30% lighter weight and supporting affordability and convenience.

Type III tanks are well suited for applications that require less autonomy and have fewer constraints in refueling time, for example city buses or fleets that refuel at the end of their service or during the night. 

A major automotive player in the Americas region

With a strong footprint in the Americas region, FORVIA currently operates over 60 sites. The Americas region plays a significant role in FORVIA’s global operations, accounting for 28% of the Group’s sales in 2022.

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