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The Forvia Foundation joins forces with the Maud Fontenoy Foundation and Plastic Odyssey to protect the oceans

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Through its Corporate Foundation, FORVIA, the world's 7th largest supplier of automotive technologies, is extending its action to protect the environment by joining forces with the Maud Fontenoy Foundation and Plastic Odyssey, two renowned organizations dedicated to protecting marine biodiversity.

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Oceans, which cover 70% of the Earth's surface, are the planet's main reservoir of biodiversity. According to the latest IPCC report1, preserving and restoring them is a key factor in the fight against climate change. In this respect, FORVIA is already strongly committed to achieving net zero emissions in its activities by 2025 and in its products by 2045 (certified SBTi net zero standard2). FORVIA has created MATERI’ACT to offer new plastic formulations using recycled and bio-sourced materials.

In line with FORVIA’s strategy for sustainable transformation, these two new partnerships with the Foundation will encourage the education of young people in the protection of marine biodiversity, a better understanding of the challenges of plastic pollution in the oceans, and ultimately the development of industrial applications that are  more respectful of the environment. 

Created in 2020, the FORVIA Foundation carries out actions on a global scale. Its main mission is to support projects undertaken by Group employees in favor of mobility, the environment and education. Since its creation, the FORVIA Foundation has financially supported more than 60 projects initiated by employees in partnership with non-profits, benefiting 6,000 recipients in 17 countries. 

“he FORVIA Foundation draws on the expertise and collective energy of FORVIA's employees to work with associations at the heart of the regions in which FORVIA operates. This is a tremendous asset that gives us the means to go even further. With these two new partners, we want to raise our stakeholders' awareness of the need to protect the oceans, which are so essential to the balance of our planet and our best ally in the fight against climate change”

Isabelle Cornu
anaging Director of the FORVIA Foundation and FORVIA's Sustainable Development Director.

Educating young people to protect marine biodiversity

Recognized for its commitment to preserving the oceans, the Maud Fontenoy Foundation will thus be able to strengthen its initiatives aimed at educating future generations on the importance of marine ecosystems preservation, in particular by supporting a program financing seaside field trips for underprivileged students in over 150 schools. The Maud Fontenoy and FORVIA foundations will also be setting up joint Trophées pour la Biodiversité Marine (Marine Biodiversity Trophies) to reward the best research initiatives to protect the oceans.  

“From school to school, through the actions carried out by my Foundation in partnership with the French Ministry of Education, I have seen the importance of ocean issues in schools grow. Over a million children have been reached since the launch of our educational programs! Today, I'm delighted to be able to count on the support of the FORVIA Foundation. Together, we will be able to continue the fight and enable thousands of children from priority education areas to discover the richness of the Big Blue,”

Maud Fontenoy
President of the Maud Fontenoy Foundation

Understanding the issues surrounding plastic pollution in the oceans and using plastic resources more responsibly.

Plastic Odyssey's mission is to fight plastic pollution by promoting the circular economy through various initiatives such as educating people on plastic pollution on the coasts, which accounts for over 75% of the waste in the oceans, raising awareness of recycling by organizing communities of professionals, and developing entrepreneurship in the recovery and processing of plastic waste. Plastic Odyssey will thus be able to accelerate the development of its activities while benefiting from FORVIA's technological and scientific know-how to optimize the quality of materials recycled from plastic waste. By exploring new ways, it will be possible to optimize manufacturing processes that will promote an increasingly sustainable use of plastic waste by giving it a second life.

“Not only does this partnership with the FORVIA Foundation enable us to accelerate our impact through financial support, but it also reinforces our two main missions at Plastic Odyssey: reducing the use of plastic by developing alternative materials, and optimizing recycling thanks to FORVIA's technical expertise. This know-how will enable us to improve our processes and disseminate them throughout the world. Through this collaborative effort, we aim to give plastic waste a second life, by promoting social entrepreneurship in the countries most affected by pollution”

Simon Bernard
co-founder of Plastic Odyssey

“We are at a crucial point when it comes to changing people’s mindsets and promoting a more sustainable economy, where plastic is no longer considered as waste, but as a useful resource to be recycled. FORVIA is leading the way in the decarbonization of the automotive industry and is convinced that while technological mastery is an asset for the future, it must come hand in hand with education on the challenges of tomorrow”

Patrick Koller
Chairman of the FORVIA Foundation and CEO of FORVIA

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