Supremo seat: making electrification comfortable and sustainable

Built on a compact and comfortable structure
Headrest as soft as a pillow
Minimized carbon impact
Innovative design

Product features



Compact design to optimize battery space

The Supremo seat optimizes electric vehicle space with a compact structure, ensuring batteries fit seamlessly and allowing rear passengers to place their feet comfortably under the front seats, by improving footroom by 50%. This design innovation addresses a critical need: improving the range of electric vehicles.

Supremo Feature 2

Reclining comfort during recharge

Unique to the Supremo seat is its high-reclined position feature, offering passengers optimum comfort during vehicle recharging. The compact frame, removing the step between the cushion and backrest, and its soft headrest enable a high-relaxed position, transforming the charging interval into an enjoyable experience for occupants.


Sustainable materials with reduced carbon footprint

With a carbon footprint 68% lower than a conventional seat, the Supremo seat prioritizes sustainability, featuring a decarbonized steel structure. The Auraloop® cushioning, crafted from entirely recyclabe PET fibers, underscores a commitment to eco-friendly materials, setting a standard for responsible manufacturing in the automotive seating industry.

Supremo Feature 4

With an avant-garde design

Its design draws inspiration from interior furniture design principles, seamlessly transforming the car's cockpit into an extension of your home. Crafted for living, working, and entertaining on the go, it redefines the on-board experience to evoke the comfort and familiarity of home.

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Introducing our Supremo seat

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Key figures

High technology and sustainability in a seat

patents already filed for Supremo
of CO₂ reduction vs conventional seat
more footroom vs standards

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