FORVIA's next-level, immersive, automotive seating technology

4D sound
Enhancing wellness
Stay protected
Immersive experience

Product features

A safer and more immersive driving experience


Stay protected on the road

Because safety is one of our main priorities, VIBE® can be set up with an Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) featuring haptic alerts for blind spot, lane changes, speed limit and drowsiness.


When sound meets sensations

With VIBE®, be immersed in your music with our 4D sound technology. Our algorithms automatically create tactile vibrations that synchronize with any audio played on the vehicle's audio system. 


Journey to Wellness

Feeling tense ? Our solution provides relaxation, recovery and energy-enhancing programs. Dive into well-being with our partner Aurasens's ever-growing catalog, curated in collaboration with top haptic artists. Elevate your experience and embrace true serenity.


40 patents filed

This pioneering innovation has generated 40 patent filings, with a notable emphasis on the intelligent integration of actuators within the seat. Additionally, significant advancements in both hardware and software have been patented to deliver an innovative, impactful, and efficient experience for seat occupants.


Enjoy the AURASENS® catalogue

Want more? Access an ever-growing catalogue of immersive haptic content created by AURASENS. Expert in audio-haptics, AURASENS’s catalogue is carefully crafted in collaboration with top haptic artists with your wellness, safety and entertainment in mind.

A groundbreaking technology for automotive seating

VIBE® is the fruit of 5 years of intense research and development in collaboration with our partner Aurasens. This new technology is sure to appeal to both drivers and automakers looking for comfort and safety, pushing back the limits of automotive seating. VIBE® is set to make its debut in a next generation premium SUV by the end of 2025.

Discrete and suitable

Our VIBE® technology is seamlessly integrated into the architecture and trimmings of the automotive seat.

Considering OEM’s constraints

We designed VIBE® in a way that it meets different OEM’s needs and constraints. It can be personalized with other features, such as lighting, headphones, heating, pneumatics or fragrances.
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A breakthrough in our comprehensive automotive seating

Christophe Schmitt
Executive Vice President Seating at FORVIA

“VIBE® technology represents a breakthrough in our comprehensive automotive seating solutions, taking safety, entertainment and wellness to the next level. Our pride lies in the unmatched technological advances rooted in biomechanics, making VIBE® an industry-first innovation. Being chosen by a top-tier OEM further solidifies the appeal of this cutting-edge technology, highlighting our commitment to delivering an extraordinary customer experience.”

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