The seat that takes care of you

Advanced occupant classification solution
Beneficial for posture and comfort
Precise postural data in real-time monitoring

Product features

Say goodbye to discomfort while driving


Keep the back pain away

Our innovation sets out to tackle this huge source of pain and discomfort, while simultaneously unlocking data about posture and seating positions that could help to create long-term solutions for musculoskeletal wellbeing.

Feature 2

Instant response to collected data

The All-in-One sensing solution is capable of working with a vehicle’s countermeasures, such as alerting the occupant, activating gentle massage, correcting the posture though targeted haptic feedback, or adjusting seat position. Lighting effects or sound cues can also encourage the driver or passenger to adopt a better posture.

Feature 3

Precise information

With multiple sensors, our solution is capable of analyzing if the seat is occupied by a human or an object. It classifies occupants’ weight, height, body type, rate of movement and weight distribution, which fits into the advanced OCS (Occupant Classification System) required by regulation or incentivized by New Car Assessment Program (NCAP).


Source of innovation and patents

This groundbreaking innovation has already generated 19 patent filings, particularly focused on sensor technology, seamless integration into the seat, and sophisticated algorithms. These advanced algorithms facilitate precise occupant monitoring and accurate detection of occupant positions, ensuring the deployment of tailored functions and effective countermeasures when needed.

An advanced and accurate seating solution

After extensive research into ideal posture and in consultation with orthopedic experts, we have developed a series of advanced sensor cells that can be placed inside automotive seats to produce real-time data.

Innovation based on research

Initial research was conducted with research laboratories to analyze pressure points on human bodies, and the associated sensing data. Data was then validated with a reputed center specializing in sport fitness and innovation.

Impactful data for drivers

A big-data set could offer previously unknown insights into orthopedics. This is particularly useful for commercial drivers, delivery people, taxi operators or anyone who spends their work life being behind the wheel.

FORVIA extends health tracking into vehicles

For consumers, enhanced wellbeing and comfort are enjoyed alongside greater insights into one’s habits and fitness. Health trackers and smartwatches’ popularity show that consumers want to gather data on their wellbeing. All-in-One’s technology extends this diagnostic potential into our vehicles, allowing us to collect new aspects of data about the time we spend on the road.

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