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Two groundbreaking FORVIA innovations showcased in the seats of the all-new Renault Rafale

FORVIA, the 7th world-largest automotive technology supplier, announces two innovations showcased in the Esprit Alpine trim of the highly anticipated, All-new Renault Rafale, set to hit markets first semester 2024. These groundbreaking technologies, LUMI and Ecorium, are set to transform the way drivers interact with their vehicles, adding enhanced style, emotional connection and sustainability to the driving experience.

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  • First application of LUMI, a bold new approach to seating illumination 
  • A new recycled & bio-based covering material solution, Ecorium delivers enhanced sustainability with a premium look and feel
  • FORVIA demonstrates ongoing commitment to sustainability and cutting-edge design 

LUMI : a dazzling journey awaits

LUMI, FORVIA’s state-of-the-art seating illumination technology, features ultra-thin LED-powered panels seamlessly integrated into the front driver and passenger seats, creating visually captivating lighting displays that greet the driver as they approach the car and shift from one tone to another to reflect driving modes. Generating high lighting efficiency with low power, this innovation uses a flexible, soft, and ultra-thin LED-powered panel, embedded in the seat and covered with a perforated diffusion layer, so they don’t stiffen the seat back in the slightest. LUMI not only enhances the vehicle’s identity but also establishes a deeper connection between the driver and their vehicle, transforming driving into an immersive journey of self-expression.

“The All-new Renault Rafale recognizes its driver coming towards it and the lights in the Alpine logo on the seats beat like a heart, signifying the close connection between them. An invitation to driving pleasure has never been expressed with so much passion.

Agneta Dahlgren
CMF-CD Design Project Director, Renault

Ecorium: sustainable luxury redefined

With Ecorium, FORVIA introduces a luxurious yet sustainable trimming material. Ecorium utilizes polyethylene terephthalate (PET) from recycled plastic bottles, combined with micronized hemp in the coated layer, presenting a premium alternative with a lower carbon footprint than traditional materials. Ecorium embodies the philosophy of sustainability without compromising on style and comfort. This innovation showcases a vision for a more eco-conscious automotive future.

“These two breakthroughs reflect FORVIA's mission to offer OEMs distinctive new technological evolutions, while helping to reduce the carbon footprint of the whole industry. It's a great pleasure to work on this exciting vehicle and help our partners at Renault to deliver the premium style, comfort and enhanced sustainability their customers expect.”

Frank Huber
Executive Vice-President for Seating, FORVIA

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