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FORVIA’s combined general meeting of May 30th, 2024 - All resolutions adopted

FORVIA's combined general meeting was held today at the Group’s headquarters under the chairmanship of Michel de Rosen. All resolutions were adopted.

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Evolution in the composition of the Board of Directors

Shareholders approved the following resolutions:

  • Renewal of the term of office of Michel de Rosen, Jean-Bernard Lévy and Judy Curran, as Board members for a period of four years;

  • Appointment of Christel Bories as independent Board member, for a period of four years;

  • Ratification of Nicolas Peter’s co-optation as independent Board member, for the remaining duration of his predecessor’s mandate, namely until the Ordinary General Meeting is held in 2026.

Following the general meeting, the Board of Directors of the Company is composed of 14 members, of whom 83% are independent directors and 42% women (excluding employee representatives).


Appointment of Statutory Auditors in charge of the certification mission for sustainability-related information

The General Meeting has appointed Ernst & Young Audit and Mazars, as Company’s Statutory Auditors, in charge of the certification mission of sustainability related information, for the remaining duration of their mandate as Company’s Statutory Auditors for their mission of certification of financial statements, i.e. for the duration of one fiscal year ending after the holding of the 2025 General Meeting called to approve the financial statements of the fiscal year ending on December 31, 2024. 

The full broadcast of the meeting, the presentation shown and the results of votes on the resolutions are available on FORVIA’s website:


Michel de Rosen, Chairman of the Board of directors of FORVIA stated: "I would like to thank all our shareholders for their support, which was clearly demonstrated today by the approval of all the resolutions presented at this General Meeting. I want to extend my warmest thanks to Jürgen Behrendt, who left our Board in 2023, for personal reasons. We do not forget his key role in the decision of the HELLA family Pool shareholders to choose FAURECIA as their partner. I also thank Odile Desforges. As a Board member and Chairwoman of the Audit Committee, she preciously contributed to the work of our Board. I welcome the arrival of Christel Bories, as new Board member. Her extensive experience as head of industrial companies will be welcomed within our Board. I also thank our shareholders for approving the renewal of the mandates of Judy Curran, Jean-Bernard Lévy, Nicolas Peter and myself. We will dedicate ourselves to be deserving of their trust.”


Upcoming events:

  • July 24th, 2024: announcement of H1 results 2024 (before market opening)

  • October 21st, 2024: announcement of Q3 sales 2024 (before market opening)

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