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FORVIA receives two 2024 Automotive News PACEpilot recognitions

PACE awards 2024
FORVIA, the world’s seventh-largest automotive technology supplier, combining the complementary strengths of Faurecia and HELLA, received two 2024 Automotive News PACEpilot Innovation to Watch recognitions at the awards ceremony on April 29 in Detroit. The recognition acknowledges post-pilot, pre-commercial innovations in the automotive and future mobility space.

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“We are honored to have two technologies recognized by Automotive News and the PACE judges,” said Thorsten Muschal, Executive Vice President of North America and Group Sales & Program Management at FORVIA. “These prestigious awards reflect the hard work of our teams and our commitment to deliver innovative solutions to create a safe, affordable, sustainable and customized mobility experience.”

FORVIA’s PACEpilot Innovations to Watch:

Already awarded at CES 2024 Awards, the eMirror Safe UX software has now been recognized by PACEpilot Innovations to Watch. The platform builds on FORVIA’s eMirror technology to help drivers better see and understand their driving environment by replacing conventional side and rearview mirrors with a camera-based system. This is designed to provide drivers with better visibility, safety alerts as well as fuel/energy efficiency. The software expands the driver’s field of view and reduces blind spots through features such as Transparent View, Reactive Dimming, and Advanced Image Processing. It also saves power and diminishes distraction by tracking driver’s gaze direction to dim displays not being viewed and improves visibility in challenging lighting and weather conditions. The software is hardware-agnostic, doesn’t require extra sensors and can be installed/updated through over-the-air updates, providing compatibility with existing vehicles.

The Intelligent Power Distribution Module (iPDM) of FORVIA HELLA is a key enabler for autonomous driving. The iPDM ensures that a steady and flawless power supply is available at all times and that the power supply does not fail even in the event of a potential defect or overheating. This is particularly important for highly automated driving. For this purpose, electronic fuses (so-called ‘eFuses’) are being used in the iPDM for the first time worldwide in an automotive application. In contrast to conventional fuses, which melt in the event of a fault and thus become unusable, the iPDM continuously monitors the power supply and can recognize and counteract potential problem areas, such as overheating cables, at an early stage and before they become critical. This means that the basic functionality of safety-relevant driving functions can be maintained at all times. This technology will go into series production as a first-to-market innovation in 2025 and will be supplied to a German car manufacturer.

“Highly automated vehicles with modern, zonal E/E architectures require not only safe and stable, but above all intelligent power distribution. The iPDM therefore makes a significant contribution to making autonomous driving a reality,” said Jörg Weisgerber, Managing Director Electronics at FORVIA HELLA. “Our iPDM is a further expression of our commitment to actively shaping the future of mobility with innovative, pioneering technologies. We are therefore all the more honored to have now been recognized as a PACEpilot Innovation to Watch 2024. This recognition once again confirms the innovative strength and outstanding performance of our global teams in the development of the intelligent Power Distribution Module.”

The 4th annual PACEpilot program was presented by Automotive News. The competition was open to suppliers and startups that invented products, software/IT systems or processes and idea incubators that have the capacity to transform the automotive industry. The Automotive News PACEpilot program is leading the way in distinguishing global emerging innovators.

FORVIA earned two Automotive News PACEpilot recognitions following an extensive review by an independent panel of judges including a comprehensive written application and a virtual pitch session.  

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