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FORVIA inaugurates its new electronics mega plant in Fengcheng (China)

Faurecia, a company of the group FORVIA, the world's 7th-largest automotive technology supplier, officially inaugurated its latest Electronics mega plant in Fengcheng (Jiangxi, China) in the presence of government representatives, partners and more than 40 customers.

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Industry-leading example of sustainable production

In June 2022, FORVIA became the very first company in the automotive sector to have its net-zero roadmap approved by the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi). According to this roadmap, FORVIA will achieve net-zero emissions across all scopes by 2045 with two intermediate steps: net-zero in scopes 1 and 2 by 2025 and a 45% reduction in scope 3 emissions by 2030.

In line with FORVIA’s net-zero target, the Fengcheng Electronics Mega Plant achieves net-zero on scopes 1 and 2 and has been awarded the LEED Gold certification.


From manufacturing to smart manufacturing: a digital benchmark

FORVIA’s Fengcheng Mega Plant sets a precedent by implementing digital twin technology. Prior to its construction, a digital plant simulation was created to project the operation of its 89 production lines as well as its logistics chain. This proactive approach streamlines construction, leading to quicker completion and remarkable operational efficiency.

Real-time data analysis and optimization, combined with EMS energy analysis, support energy efficiency, emissions reduction and net-zero targets. The facility also uses state-of-the-art digital tools for smart manufacturing, such as the Andon system, AGVs, smart warehouses and Display automated lines.

The 30.000 sqm plant hosts 1.200 employees and is dedicated to the integration and comprehensive use of artificial intelligence, digitalization and automation. The Mega Plant mainly provides products in three areas: display technologies, cockpit electronics and automated driving, with a capacity of 2 million units per year, meeting the needs of both local and global OEMs.

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A long-standing commitment to China

FORVIA has demonstrated its commitment to China over the past 30 years with more than 32.000 employees at over 80 sites in more than 30 cities. 

China represents an important technological stronghold for FORVIA, marked by significant growth in recent years, high competitiveness and cutting-edge thinking on the road to sustainability through electric vehicles. The Group has forged very strong relationships with over 40 Chinese automakers. FORVIA’s strategic vision, which is increasingly sustainable, connected, and personalized, perfectly meets the expectations of Chinese consumers.

In 2021, FORVIA and the Fengcheng city government signed an agreement to actively promote the automotive electronics full supply chain project, with a cumulative investment of over € 200M by 2028.

In 2023, the FORVIA Electronics business (Faurecia Clarion Electronics and HELLA Electronics) achieved sales of €1.1 bn in China, is expected to achieve sales of over €2 bn by 2028. With 5,000 employees, including 1,200 engineers.

“The automotive electronics market is booming with the support of China's policies. It is crucial to continue to invest and innovate in order to benefit from the deep automotive transformations toward electrification, automated driving and cockpit electronics. Our Fengcheng Mega Plant will enhance the Group presence in China automotive and further facilitate the development of our complete electronics supply chain.”

Patrick Koller
Chief Executive Officer of FORVIA.

“Fengcheng MEGA plant is built to exceed existing industry-level standards in terms of automation, carbon neutrality, and green building, and to further strengthen the supply chain strength of Faurecia's automotive electronics business segment. In addition to better serving the local market, products from the plant will also be exported overseas to better serve the global automotive electronics market.”

Qian Yanbiao
Clarion Electronics China President at FORVIA

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