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FORVIA and Smart Eye join forces on groundbreaking Emotion AI demo at CES 2024

FORVIA, France’s major and the world’s 7th-largest automotive technology supplier, and Smart Eye, the leading provider of Human Insight AI to the automotive industry, today announced a trailblazing demonstration of in-vehicle Emotion AI during CES 2024 in Las Vegas.

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Combining Emotion AI technology first pioneered by Affectiva, a Smart Eye company, with FORVIA’s state-of-the-art cameras, the demo of this production-ready system will spotlight two groundbreaking use cases. First, it will unveil how a vehicle's ambiance can be altered to create full immersive experience according to the detected emotions of its occupants. The second use case will integrate Emotion AI with in-car entertainment systems and connected experience, recommending content based on the passengers' emotional state – ensuring both safety and personalization.

Last year, FORVIA and Smart Eye were chosen by a global automotive manufacturer to integrate FORVIA's top-tier cameras with Smart Eye’s industry-leading DMS (Driver Monitoring System) software into upcoming car models. This design win underscores the robustness and innovation of their combined tech offerings.

The joint demonstration at CES 2024 further deepens the partnership between Smart Eye and FORVIA. Embracing FORVIA's philosophy of "IQ (Intelligence quotient) and EQ (Emotional quotient) in motion," both companies share a commitment to collaborate on technology that extends beyond safety, paving the way for more empathetic and human-centric mobility in the future.

“As we work on winning business together as partners, we also focus on bringing   new experience inside the cockpit and breakthrough solutions to enhance safe & digital mobility,” said Vanessa Picron, Vice-President, Automated Driving and Strategy at FORVIA.

“While the future demands cars to be smart and safe, we believe an infusion of empathy is essential,” said Tara Akhavan, Innovation & Ecosystems Director at FORVIA. “A car that recognizes and responds to human emotion is a car that truly understands its passengers. Teaming up with Smart Eye enables us to seamlessly blend IQ with EQ, aligning safety with compassion."

"The demo at CES 2024 is not just a technological milestone for Smart Eye but a testament to our thriving partnership with FORVIA,” said Martin Krantz, CEO and Founder of Smart Eye. ”Together, we are not only shaping the future of automotive tech but ensuring that a deep understanding of human behavior and emotions remains at its core"

Smart Eye and FORVIA’s joint Emotion AI demo will be showcased at FORVIA's booth during CES 2024, January 9-12, in Las Vegas.

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