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AI: a game changer in mobility

Kay Talmi
Kay Talmi, Head of Global Technology and Innovation at FORVIA HELLA, discusses the immense potential of artificial intelligence and technology advances in the mobility sector.

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There has been tremendous progress in AI in the last 12 months, and it is starting to become a major game changer when it comes to automotive use cases. 

On the one hand, AI will help us expand our portfolio of products for the benefit of customers – for example, in car access applications, autonomous parking and other driver assistance and safety features. On the other hand, AI holds immense potential to amplify our competitiveness, profitability and operational efficiency across all domains.

It will make it possible to enhance R&D efforts significantly. For example, our software developers are using AI-tools like GitHub Copilot to assist them in programming, which already saves them a lot of time and lets them focus on value creation.

The most critical success factor lies in identifying and prioritizing high-impact use cases for AI. The funnel of ideas is endless, but we need to prove and measure the added value before we scale a solution throughout our organization.

“Looking forward, one thing is certain: there will be a lot more technology advances in the years to come. We need to be open and flexible and ready to embrace anything that we can use to our benefit.”

Kay Talmi
Head of Global Technology and Innovation at FORVIA HELLA

Embracing AI in mobility

FORVIA harnesses data and AI across its value chain, with a dedicated team and powerful tools in a company-wide program.
use cases for generative AI identified at FORVIA
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