FORVIA celebrates Sustainability achievements, looks towards the future on World Environment Day

FORVIA celebrates Sustainability achievements, looks towards the future on World Environment Day

At FORVIA, we bring a holistic approach to the environment, based on the principles of continuous
improvement. Our efforts focus on waste, water, prevention of environmental pollution and
biodiversity. These efforts run in parallel with our CO2  neutrality roadmap. In recognition of World
Environment Day, we have highlighted several critical actions we have taken to improve our
environmental performance.

Reaching Net Zero 

FORVIA is engaged in a bold, company-wide plan to reach Net Zero by 2045, with two intermediary steps: become CO2 neutral in our operations by 2025 in scopes 1 and 2, and reduce our scope 3 emissions by 45% by 2030. 

Some recent actions we’ve taken to support this plan include :

  • Reduction of energy consumption by 30% in 2025 compared to 2021 in scopes 1 and 2.
  • Acceleration of renewable energy production and supply, through partnerships with key energy players : 
    • On-site, Power-Purchase Agreements (PPAs) with ENGIE and EDP (2022); solar panels on 150 sites in 22 countries by 2025, with a capacity of approximately 7% of the Group’s global energy consumption.
    • Off-site PPAs with Mirowa and Octopus Generation (2022) and Renewable Energy Generation (2023); up to 70% of FORVIA’s consumption will be powered by renewable electricity thanks to a portfolio of 37 wind turbines.
  • Creation of Materi’Act in 2022, a brand dedicated to developing cutting-edge sustainable materials.

Water Resource Management

Water is one of our planet’s most critical resources and FORVIA is focused on moderating its water consumption. 

The monthly measurement and reporting through our ERT (Environment Reporting Tool) helps each site to focus on deviations and leaks. 

New cooling processes installed are systematically in closed loop. These basic actions have saved already more than 10% of our water consumption since 2019*.

 Furthermore, our water management plan calls for prioritizing “water stress” areas. Action plans are defined, including systems to recover rainwater. We have already installed 15 rainwater harvesting systems and initiated other good practices on saving water. 


In 2022, FORVIA committed to Act4Nature, an international alliance that aims to promote practical business actions that benefit nature through 10 common commitments and so-called SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-bound) individual commitments.

“Sustainability and environmental protection are truly embedded in all aspects of our business, from operations to supply chain to final product. We frame everything through the lens of sustainability and are committed to doing our part to protect the planet.” Christophe Schmitt, EVP and Chief Operations Officer, Faurecia.


Third-Party Recognition

We are the first automotive company in the world to have our CO2 net zero ambitions validated by the Science-Based Targets Initiative (SBTi).

As of 2022, 90% of our plants are ISO14001 certified, a key environmental certification for industrial operations. Additionally, one of our newest plants in Allenjoie, France, has been BREEAM certified, an important environmental recognition within Europe. 

Visit our Sustainability page for more information about our global approach to the environment and how this approach supports our mission to pioneer technology for mobility experiences that matter to people.

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